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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 28, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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the weather center with another look at this hot day. hot. >> yes, allison you got it. that is the key here, hazy, hot, humid conditions here to stay. 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. lots of water if you are headed down to the parade that kind of thing. we will be bright and sunny for monday. 76 degrees washington update shortly, jumped 4 degrees in the past hour temperatures warming up quickly humidity 67%. heed heat advisory, -- heat advice i today, goes into effect, noon. heat index approaching 95 to 100 later today, all the counties in orange including the district of colombia and baltimore, under a heat advisory. >> bright sunny day maybe an isolated storm, much like yesterday, most of the day and evening should be dry.
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hot and unstable, just the chance, maybe 10, 20% chance, of an isolated thunderstorm, highs 90. more details on the forecast, take a look at the rest of the week. cool down, humidity, let you know when that arrives back to you. >> thank you. there are a number of memorial day events and ceremonies, honouring troops who serves past and present. >> president obama is attending two of them. sherry lee has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning sarah, good morning allison. president barack obama will be here at arlington national cemetery in just a few hours. for right now a number of people have already come out starting to visit. we can see families, children out here, a number of people walking the grounds, to honor those fallen heros. world war ii memorial, remembrances started an hour ago with a wreath laying ceremony. u.s. airforce secretary, led the tribute to honor the fallen
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warriors, actor john monotanya was actor and the wreaths were placed at the freedom wall. each of the 4,000 stars, symbolizes, 100 people who died in that war. president barack obama will continue the that tradition, placing the wreath at the tomb of the unknownsing on the national cemetery. -- arlington national cemetery. the army band will perform a prelude concert at the ampitheatre they have 50,000 donated roses, from ecuador and california given to families one to lay at the grave site the other to bring home in memory. the president will attend a ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial wall to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war, 1:30 p.m.
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he will lay a wreath at the wall and deliver a speech. president obama follows in the footsteps of ronald regan and bill clinton the only two others to speak at memorial day services at the wall. ten names will be added to the wall this year. now before heading here to arlington, the president and first lady hosted a breakfast at the white house, for the gold star families, these are the families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. now here at arlington national cemetery, you can see there are also all the flags out on the grave sites, those were all placed by soldiers over the last few days for memorial day, more than 250,000 of them. that is the latest here at arlington back to you. thank you. if you plan to ride metro you should know trains and metro buses are run orange a sunday schedule the system is open until midnight. off peak fare in effect and parking is free at all metro
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rail facilities, customer service offices will be closed in observance of the holiday. a sculpture of that famous kiss from times square is making its way around the area. a sailor, kissing a nurse at the end of world war ii. fox 5s john explains the group organizing the tour is called the spirit of 45. >> reporter: statue of a sailor, kissing a young woman sat in the bed of a pick up truck parked on upper wisconsin avenue for several hours before moving to other locations in the dc area. it drew stares but not everyone quite got the context. she you up in argentina. >> does the image look familiar? >> not for me. >> reporter: that is because you are so young i think. >> maybe. >> reporter: this was part of a photograph captured in times square when world war ii came to an end. >> oh, wow. very nice. i am glad to know that. >> reporter: life magazine was
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covering the huge celebration after the surrender of japan and photographer alfredizeen stat shot this iconic image sculpture johnson put to 3d form one of the life sized copies was shown around the dc area where people stopped to admire it. >> why were you taking a picture? >> my husband is in the marine corps i love seeing things that make people remember we have so many families part of the military family. >> reporter: anita did not quite get the world war ii connection but many older passers by did nail the context. >> i believe it is a kiss that was in times square, victory day, can't remember who took the photo but i leave that is what that is. >> reporter: the group, spirit of 45, is trying to get americans to better remember the generation which stopped fastism and rebuilt and
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democratized europe and japan. it is a new national day congress authorized for the 2nd sunday in august every year to honor the memory of the men and women of the a greatest generation. the sculpture will be part of dcs memorial day parade monday. and children will carry 400 photographs representing the roughly 400,000 americans in uniform who died during world war ii. in washington, fox 5 news. we want to remind you about this on this memorial day, national memorial day parade kicks off 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, you can watch it live here on fox 5. the parade begins at corner of constitution avenue and 7th streets and then proceeds along constitution, past the white house and ends at 17th street. 2:00 p.m. this afternoon here on fox 5. while president obama gets set for a full day of remembrance in the nations capital, presumptive republican nominee, mitt romney will spend the day in san diego.
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first stop, tribute to service men and women at balboa park then joined by mccain, and as for senator mccain and others this memorial day has added importance it is the 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war. whichever >> big celebration at the -- big celebration at the white house, 15 people will be honored with the presidential medal of freedom, mad line albright, perez, and john paul stevens among them. bob dillon, author tony morrison and pat summit also among those being honored the medal of freedom is the highest civilian honor. george w bush returning to the white house this week, president obama is honouring mr. bush and his wife laura with the unvailing of their official portraiting thursday. the trip will mark the first time in more than two years mr. bush has set foot in the white
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house. some of our other top stories, family members of a marine found dead in his bar rocks at fort made maryland want answers. he was found on wednesday. it is still not known how he died he was training to be a combat camera man. we spoke with his father by telephone. he was loving the marines is all i know. he was having a good time. i have heard of no trouble, no -- he was in good health as far as i know. just a big shock. >> his father, grandfather and great grandfather and great grand fathers all served in the armed forces the enquiry is expected to wrap up soon. rescue teams still searching for a man who went missing on the chesapeake bay. the 21-year-old man
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a boat into the water did not resurface. the coast guard local fire department and maryland state police are searching for the man by boat and by air. as pool season gets under way this story can serve as a reminder to everyone that while pools can be fun, they are also dangerous. saturday, there was a near drowning, at a pool on hue let avenue, aspen hill a 3-year-old fell into the water but luckily a lifeguard noticed and was able to pull that child out. the child was taken to hospital and expected to be just fine. with the warmer weather settling in for summer you are probably spending more time outdoors. >> with all that fun outdoors come it is risk of lyme disease. we will show you what symptoms to lookout for. >> later, remembering chuck brown, details how fans can pay their respects, this week. we will be right back 9:09 a.m. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> welcome back. we may have enjoy add warmer winter than usual but it could lead to an increase in the tick population which in turn leaves us at more risk for lyme disease. how to protect yourself and your loved ones against this painfulcondition thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> children specifically are more prone to this, or having lyme disease why is that? >> children are more prone of course because they are you know in this developmental stage they are interested in their surroundings and love to get out and they play. and so, they are very adventurous in the woods you know in areas where tickets are more prevalent. >> mm-hmm. >> now here is the thing do all -- not all tickets carry lime disease, i mean how -- if you have one, it doesn't mean you are going to get it.
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>> that is absolutely correct. all tickets do not carry lyme disease, the tick that is are very infectious with lyme disease are deer tickets they are very infectious with this bacteria you are right all tickets do not carry lyme disease. >> i know you have some pictures here do some show the type of tickets you need to worry about. >> yes, they do. this one in the front shows the different developmental stages of a deer tick and it is a small tick that i just recently removed from a child two weeks ago and it is definitely a nymph that tick is truly highly infectious with the bacteria that causes lyme disease,. >> okay. what people at home want to know what are symptoms of lyme disease. >> absolutely well, lyme disease occurs, in stages so, a
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child may present with fever, fatigue and characteristic rash. when you see it, it looks like a bulls eye. and some times children are unaware that it is there, but we know that that is characteristic for lyme disease and we treat. if this stage is left undiagnosed, a child with present with fever, fatigue, joint pain particularly of the knees, the worst case scenario of meningitis, high fever, stick neck and can effect the heart >> it gets worse doesn't get better on its own without treatment. >> exactly. >> let's talk about treatment if you catch it early i assume the better but what kind of treatment is out there, for kids, adults anybody that would come down with this. >> a disease definitely treatable and we, depends on the stage of the disease, we use a course of antibiotics of course, if it is in the early
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stage, because of antibiotics -- the course is not as long as later stage. >> we are looking how to remove a tick if you have one those really get into your skin what is the best process to remove them. >> the best process to really remove a tick is take some blunt fore acceptsseps. go to the skin and take it off. we used to thick we could use the suffocation technique but the interesting thing about tickets they take 3 to 15 breaths fehr hour so that may or may not work -- per hour so that may or may not work. the best way is to apply foreceps. >> they can really get lodged. do you just clean the area?
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>> well, you can try to remove it but if you can't, don't worry, just clean the area with a good antti septic and just watch. if lyme disease is going to occur, it usually occurs 3 to 30 days after the tick has been attached and the first sign of course, is that characteristic rash. >> something our pets as well something we have to worry about. same technique with them as well. >> absolutely. you should check your pets for tickets and talk to a veterinarian about in terms of what inspect repellent you should use for them as well. >> that is the other key, if your kids are going outside there is insect repellents to try to keep them off >> exactly. >> tony thompson thanks for coming in. something you have to thing about in these summer months. up next the sound that signal it is start of memorial
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day weekend. talking about rolling thunder rides into dc with a goal of remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice more on their mission coming up next. >> first, here is today's trivia question, how many hot dogs will americans eat between memorial day and labor day. all summer folks. 7 million? 70 million? 700 million? or 7 billion? the answer is coming up later but if you want to guess now head to our facebook page. fox 5 morning news is back after the break. tucker ate 70 just this morning on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish -
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a reminder about a public viewing for chuck brown held at the howard theatre tomorrow, 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. thursday a public memorial service, noon to 3:00 p.m., washington convention center,
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more details on hundreds of thousands of bikers rolled into town this weekend, making their annual pilgrimage to the dc surrey i don't know for the 25th -- surrey john, for the 25th anniversary of the ride for free dam. it starts at the pentagon, goes into the district and lance has the tribute. >> basically rolling thunder is big on awareness of pows and mias but supportive of veterans from every war, and making sure the public is aware of what is going on with the veteranpeople that put their lives on the lines every day for them. >> we've got to educate our kids i get frustrated every time i have to explain to an 18 or 20-year-old what pow and mia means when i got a 20-year-old walking up to me and goes, what does pow mia mean. that is sad. >> people generally believe pows are korean war they don't know there are pows in the
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current war. we have bow out here he is a current pow in afghanistan, captured in 2009. >> it is heart wrenching makes me feel like there is not more i can do and not more we can do, as people to get them back. >> we are here to bring attention to the fact that we still have men and women being held in foreign lands, and foreign countries, different conflicts and we are here to bring attention to the fact that we need our people home. we don't want to see this happen again the our kidgrand kids and. try to bring this home to you, so that you have to kind of deal with it in your state side style and done it over 25 years. >> really shows you how bad it was for them. this was happening less than 100 years ago so a lot of people, they don't know about it, but it is important.
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>> i don't have anything against anyone having their barbecues this weekend and having a good time but i think if they came to something like this they would see what memorial day really is, and how it does effect legends still alive and here today and how we honor the people, the men, that never made it home, and that are somewhat forgotten. all right. still ahead this hour, one man's unique proposal gone viral. we will show it to you up next. >> we have adorable pets in studio this morning, they are all in need of a good home and annie yu introduces us to them plus how one shelter is taking their adoptables on the road. we will be right back 3q from the wildflower valleys of yellolowstone
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to the tropical islands of hawaii, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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how many men have used the infamous song, marry you, by bruno mars but none like this. portland actor, isaac, shot his girlfriend in the little box on the right when he gathered more than 60 friends and family members for an elaborate lip dub proposal it happened during a slow drive on the back of a car. okay. we are talking some serious choreography here must have taken time to practice all that. he popped the question at the end and we are happy to say she said yes. >> my gorbachev >>ly marry you. >> that is just pretty cool. at the same time i remember like i told shawn when he proposed to me i don't want any fanfare and don't put it on a jumbo screen or anything. don't put it on the jumbotron. >> did he listen. >> yes. >> and you are married. >> it was quite the production. >> you do run the risk of being embarrassed. >> in front of 60 of your
9:29 am
closest family and friends. >> she could have said no. >> all right. >> yeah. >> we run it when they say no too. we have seen it before too on the jumbotron. >> hockey game >> i said it was good the lady was honest and i got heat from that, from you and tony,. >> right we both agree, she should have said yes, and then waited. >> right. >> until the camera was off. >> just for the cameras. >> i don't want to do that. >> any way. congrats to them. >> around here, warm and humid, in fact hot and humid the afternoon. >> hazy too. >> yeah. >> all three are here. >> brothers of summer. >> they are all here for summer time. summer time in washington warming up 80, fredericksburg, temperatures jumped, good 10 degrees. 77 leonard town. you get the idea, 80 degrees or close to it at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, it will be a
9:30 am
hot one. heat advisory which goes into effect, at 12 noon today, all countys in orange so the counties including prince georges, district columbia, west louden, until 9:00 p.m. this evening because our air temperature will be approaching 90, but when you mix in humidity, our heat index or the feel on your skin will be 95 to 100. lots of water, backyard barbecues, everybody is well hydrated, plenty of water and sun screen as well today, is our uv index in the high range, 10 plus. satellite radar, showers last night waking up, just sunshine, some of that hazy sun nine to start your day -- sunshine to start your day, could be a pop up storm. can't rule out the possibility of a pop up storm. let's get down to the northern shores of florida, this is tropical storm beryl, winds 40 miles per hour. mostly a rain maker for the
9:31 am
next couple days expecting 4 to 8 inches of rain northern florida, coast of georgia, south carolina here next couple days, beryl will do one of these, where it sits here and scoots out to sea off to the south and east, not impacting washington area directly, although some cloud cover might sneak in more as we get to tuesday night and wednesday. our forecast today, more of the same, lots of sunshine, 90 your daytime high and mention the heat advisory, winds out south, 5 to 10 later tonight, partly cloudy, mild and humid overnight, temperatures generally upper 60s low 70s. 71 here in town. better chance of a storm, rain showers late in the day tomorrow cold front up ahead of it, how about a high 93 degrees that will feel good and then, gradual cool down, less humidity toward the end of the week. 82 thursday, more showers and storms highs in the 70s by friday. all right that is your weather get out and enjoy sarah and allison back to you. >> i didn't want to turn my ac on but i think i have to or i
9:32 am
won't be here tomorrow. >> mine is on >> i haven't turned it on yet >> i turned mine on in february. >> thanks. you may start seeing a mobile animal adoption van popping up near you washington humane society just unvailed its new mobile adoption center on wheels. annie is learning more about it. >> she has adorable furry friends looking for a forever home. good morning. >> good morning allison and sarah. this is pikachu and catalia i have the community outreach coordinator, good morning danielle who do you have with you. >> ginger one of our adoptable dogs, 4 years old, and she is very sweet and loving, she is today a little interested in the kitten. >> very interesting. >> let's talk about these kitties these are from two litters, a total of 6,. >> yes these are kittens in foster care we often get kittens that are too young to
9:33 am
be adopted, and looking for foster homes for them and for many other people, we get so many animals in to the shelter,. >> we are signing you up as a new foster home we get so many kittens in and are always looking for foster homes. >> look at this face. how cute is she. >> the need for foster homes is there. how does that work if one wants to sign up. >> go to our website, wash and click on volunteer foster, there is a form to fill out and set you up with an orientation session and get you all set up with some annals and some instructions and go from there. >> very easy. let's talk about this mobile van because we are going to see this pop up in various areas of dc, you can't miss it. how does this work and what
9:34 am
exactly is the goal >> it is a totally self- contained mobile adoption center, so we can put animals in there, dogs, cats, rabbits whatever animals we have up for adoption and bring them out to the community. the two panels with the animals in the front they open up so people can see in they can walk in we can do adoptions right from there, so it makes it easier for people who might not be able to come to the shelter or might find it a little more overwhelming and emotional to see all the animals we can come to the community, to people's work place. >> great idea. how did you obtain this van. >> a wonderful donation, a grant from the stanton foundation, to cover the cost of the the entire vehicle, and all the modifications to make it a personalized effort. >> that is amazing the adoption process from start to finish can be completed. >> yes, looking at being able to do it right on site. if people are ready to take an animal home that day, they can do that. we will do our regular process,
9:35 am
our interview, making sure that your landlord is okay with you having your dog or cat there, and then be able to get animalsout of our shelter quicker. >> you all do great work for 25 years this has been going on and you have the 25th annual coming up saturday. >> dcs only black tie event for people and animals. >> how much fun is that really to get dressed up with your animal. >> dogs can wear black ties too >> i have seen it >> it has been drawing crowds from the dc area for 25 years. there is a dinner, silent and live auction a great way to celebrate and help us honor the work washington humane society has done. >> you will come across some real power hitters in dc and leaders will be there. it is a fun event to get dolled up and have fun.
9:36 am
>> you can see ginger as well. >> and all of the kitties. speaking of kitties sarah back to you at the desk. >> this one -- >> she cat napped us. >> this one is a lover over here plus i was trying to save her i thought the dog had his eye on her. coming up, beyonce hit it is stage for the first time since giving birth. the special guest in the audience. >> why police in l.a. have questions for bieber, the buzz bin is next. >> >> first today's trivia question, how many hot dogs will americans eat between memorial day and labor day. >> i don't want to thing about that many. >> the answer coming up later on head to our facebook page. fox 5 morning news will be right back
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>> that's not the lie you told me when you recruited me. a new number one at the box office, men in black three made $55 million domestically theavengers fell to second spot. rounding out the top five, battleship, the dictator and chernobyl diaries. justin bieber wanted for questioning by los angeles investigators after a photographer complained about being roughed up by the pop star. the scuffle happened when the photographer tried to nab pictures of bieber and selena gomez. the photographer was taken to hospital where he was treated and released. bieber and gomez left before deputies got there. investigators want his side of the story >> i want to see what the guy looks like. >> bieber has gotten so tall. >> all right. >> beyonce was back on stage
9:41 am
for the first time since giving birth back in january. first lady michelle obama a long with sasha and malia were in the audience. it was the second night of a four night stop. mrs. obama said if she could be anyone else she would be beyonce. i think a lot of people would like to be the first lady >> i bet if you ask beyonce she would say first lady. experiencing history. paula fell takes us to james town settlement where it is about hands on learning. >> they just released their sophomore album and are still in high school. the band 9 days gone are in studio. they will perform when we come back does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while
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to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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back with a major milestone for a mayor california
9:45 am
landmark. >> san franciscos golden gate bridge just turned 75 years old. yesterday, tens of thousands gathered for the anniversary. one of the people celebrating an 83-year-old woman who was at the golden gate bridge the day it opened for business. hissen. -- listen. >> this is opening day and we are walking across the bridge and this is me when i was 8 years remember my family tellin alice don't run walk. yes, i remember all the bay when there wasn't anyones. -- wasn't any bridges. gosh yesterday's festivities including a parade, and fireworks over the bridge. isn't that amazing she can remember that. >> in such detail too. >> i know, has a whole scrapbook and everything. if you are looking for spring and summer events try heading south. fox 5 and visit williams burg.
9:46 am
>> reporter: we are here at the james town settlement a hands on living history museum near williams burg virginia, homer linear talk about the boat we are on. >> this brought captain john smith and the first columnists to virginia the flagship carried most of the supplies. they brought a small ship discovery used for exploration. here, she carried 52 men and supplies to help get it on the map. >> reporter: talk about the settlement overall. >> you start off with traditional museum galleries that is where we keep the stuff 400 years old under glass but once you come outside, and back around through james fort where the colonists first lived, everything is to try things out, and learn how to set sail
9:47 am
on a 17th century ship or how navigation instruments worked. you can try your hand at making stone tools, bone tools, pottery, in our indian village. up in the fort, we are firing muskrats almost daily our blacksmith is working. help bake bread, feed the chickens, change out the straw in mattresses lots to do here each and every day a great way for families to learn about chapter one virginia's history. >> talk about upcoming events you have going on. >> from sea to stock, james town settlement will be learning about the first crop of englishman who tried to feed themselves the corn, beans, pumpkin and squash and learning about the battle. she was under the command of the vice admiral, 52 men aboard, 13 crew, 39 passengers
9:48 am
aboard this ship. now, we are up here on the quarter deck where the captain would command the ship from and steer the ship from. give it a try if you want to this is 100 years before the ship's steering wheel would be invented the tiller works just as well today as 400 years ago and so when we sail today, we are sailing the ship much the way they did. if you look up in the sails and rigs, everything works we have not modernized it or changed around. this is traditional sail cameras, and all the lines and things here do the same as the ship 400 years ago. or fur staff crew and volunteer crew who take the ship out we climb aloft, steer and anchor the same way. >> as you can see there is plenty to do. come set sail at the james town settlement for more go to thanks paul. and paul's segment was
9:49 am
sponsored by the williams burg area, destination marketing committee. over to you sarah. >> thank you the band 9 days gone was voted gin yeah's best band of 2012 -- virginias best band of 2012. they are still in high school and continue to grow in popularity. there are three of them here today, joseph keys, eric daniel and luke on drums back here from herndon you are seniors. >> that's right. >> you have two albums out. >> that's correct. >> it started back in freshman year, i had a cover band i left that because i wanted to do more, i met eric here he is in my french class and came over and saw all my difars and was -- guitarwas like man we got to
9:50 am
jam some time, and luke joined some time after, he was taking drum lessons at reston music. >> you guys already have music out still working on an album and touring i understand just now have gotten going. >> yeah. >> doing about 3 to 5 shows a month really, all over the place, richmond, dc northern virginia, baltimore, >> going out to west virginia in two weeks with a show attest vick. they are big in the 90s just reunited,. yeah, so tell me what your influence is. i understand you are alternative rock, punk influence, what kind of got you guys going in that direction. >> well, the influence was like link, 182 and blink this guy has a heavier background but learned to like the alternate style. >> you guys again, you are
9:51 am
getting ready to head off to college. luke will still be back here but the two of you are heading back to college how are you going to keep the band together. >> just keep doing it, i don't really worry too much about it we just know like this is what we do and so far like the train has started we are not going to stop you know, just like you can't stop now. >> take it as far as it will go >> yep. >> well, you guys are going to play something for us off your first album is that right. >> yes. >> the song is called i need to know one of the first songs we ever played together >> any background how that came to be. >> a song i wrote when i was like 14 and i brought to the band and they put their arrangements on it and this is how it came out. >> all right 9 days gone. take it away. thanks guys ♪ [ music ] hey, i'm joey aragon.
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welcome back. a group of injured veteransupporters are kicking off a 320-mile trek, more than 200 people are participating and going to ride their bicycles many of which have been modified to accommodate injuries, to benefit rehab programs for wounded vets the journey started a few minutes ago today the group will ride 42 miles from arlington to manas sis and going to arrive in virginia beach, june 2nd. good luck to them. >> time for thence tore today's trivia question, this morning we asked how many hot dogs will
9:58 am
americans eat. the answer, 7 billion. >> whoa >> i think of the guy that did the competition i think of eating that many. >> black widow she only weighs 100 pounds. >> isn't that crazy. according to the national hot dog and sausage council, americans eat 7 billion hot dogs during the summer season, 118 hot dogs per second. >> that is a lot of hot dogs we each have to eat about 20. >> have you ever triad veggie dog it is so good. you have to get the right brand. worthington make as delicious veggie dog. i am serious. >> okay. >> do you have a question you would like me to answer like that, who make it is best veggie hot dog, worthington if you have a question send it to me, click on the morning tab. we do questions on friday. >> what is in a vegetarian hot dog. >> you know what is not in it?
9:59 am
i will not say. >> thank you. >> the pig stuff. >> p tarts. >> just try it. >> -- the parts. >> just try it. >> let's move on to thisskydiving scare. she is 80 she didn't expect her knees to give out at the last second she dangled hundreds of feet in the air. look at this appear like she might slip out of her harness at any moment she had a rough landing but credits her instructor for holding on thankfully. i am sure her life will ever be -- >> if she could do it again would she? >> i wouldn't. >> you wouldn't find me up there to begin with >> i'm with sarah >> she should have had on a jump suit. too loose. >> she is barely -- >> that guy is a hero. >> she had on her every day clothes. >> luckily he is in good shape. >> your 5 day. 90 could be an


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